EWoS 2021: Therapy with a horse

As part of the European Week of Sporte, which will take place between 23. and 30. September 2021, we will organize several events within the Adaptive Sport Programs project to address the promotion of social inclusion and equal opportunities in sport.

The main goal of the project is to design sports activities in local communities and develop new programs with an emphasis on three specific target groups (people with reduced mobility, people with visual impairments and people with mental health disorders).

For these purposes, we will carry out an activity – Therapy with a horse, which will be leaded by  Elizabeta Fijavž. The therapy is intended for children and people with special needs who have problems in the motor, sensory, emotional, cognitive, socialization and psychological fields. Activities on the horse are adapted to each individual according to his psychophysical abilities or disorders. The horse is the main motivational tool and a form of adaptation to achieve a certain goal.

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Applications to this event are closed.

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