Study visit in Bari, Italy

Project partners from Slovenia, Portugal, Romania and Italy met on a study visit in Bari, hosted by ASD Margherita Sports e Vita (MSV), from 19.4.-21.4.2022.

We had an opportunity to visit different activities. On Day 1, we visited a local wheelchair basketball team HBari Wheelchair Basketball, and witnessed a basketball wheelchair session. We heard some testimonials from the athletes and held a discussion with the team. Klemen from MCC even participated in the match and tried his best to score while sitting in a wheelchair.

Day 2 was packed with activities. First, we visited Bitonto, where we were invited to a swimming lesson with athletes with disabilities at Piscina Comunale di Bitonto (Swimming Pool Sport Club Bitonto). They showed us methodologies they use in swimming lessons with persons with different levels of disabilities.

Then we visited a local sports club OLTRE Sport in Trani, where we had the chance to participate at training activity of wheelchair football. We were there for preparations, the training, and even saw a proper match! We spoke with the athletes with severe disabilities and with their trainers, who answered all of our questions.

We also had some time on the agenda for meetings and general update on the progress of project’s activities. We finalised the agenda for study visit to Arad, Romania in the beginning of May and discussed the work progress regarding our Playbook.

We can’t wait to meet again soon in Romania!

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