Special Eurobarometer 525 - Sport and physical activity report
Recommendations and action plan from the High Level Group on Gender Equality in sport (2022)
Special Eurobarometer 472 - Sport and physical activity report
Council Recommendation on promoting health-enhancing physical activity
Physical activity factsheets for 28 EU Member States, WHO (2018)
White paper on using the potential of sport for social inclusion, integration and equal opportunities
EU Physical Activity guidelines
EU Disability Strategy 2010 - 2020
Developing the European Dimension in Sport
Mapping on Access to Sport for People with Disabilities
Good practice principles - Children and young people in sport and recreation
Sport Diplomacy: Identifying good practices
Priročnik za izvajanje interesnih programov športa otrok, mladine in odraslih s posebnimi potrebami
Šport oseb s posebnimi potrebami: Gibalna/športna dejavnost predšolskih otrok s posebnimi potrebami
13. kongres športa za vse: Športna rekreacija invalidov
White paper on sports
Nacionalni program športa
Revised European Sports Charter