Our partners


The project partnership combines the efforts of 4 organization from 4 different countries.

Celjski mladinski Center is a public non-profit organization, whose vision is to be an organization that will successfully respond to the needs of young people in the future and shape the place for socializing, entertainment, creating and acquiring new skills. Their mission is to create an environment where young people gain skills for participation in society and independent living in a creative and fun way. The activities of the youth Center as a whole are oriented towards providing information and encouraging participation aiming to gain non-formal competences. The Youth Center implements over 360 activities each year including implementing international projects and mobility opportunities for youth and through this includes over 10.000 young people.

Ofensiva Tinerilor Asociatia – Romania

“Ofensiva Tinerilor” Association was founded in 2004 by a team of dedicated youth workers who wanted to offer young people accessible educational opportunities that would help them achieve their full potential. An essential element of their work is the European cooperation and exchange, as a mean to supporting persons belonging to different backgrounds to embrace cultural diversity, understand the common European values and develop responsibility in the community. Since 2014 they are member of the European Peer Training Organisation, sharing a common vision: “People enjoy learning from each other how to embrace their differences and realise their unique potential”. In the spirit of this vision, they have implemented several peer-education programmes on various topics like: diversity and anti-discrimination, religious diversity, gender equality, inner-diversity.

The União das Freguesias de Gondomar (S. Cosme), Valbom e Jovim (UoP) – Portugal 

The Union of Parishes (UoP) has developed several projects during the last few years to promote healthy lifestyles and encourage locals to get engaged in more active lifestyles. The UoP implements regular local workshops on nutrition, physical activity, sports, wellbeing, etc. They aim to raise awareness on the benefits of regular physical activity and a healthy diet to towards the general wellbeing of individuals. This project is run in different spaces and has training modules adapted for specific target groups (children, families, young people, elder people, …). The UoP also participate in the MOVE Week event that is an annual European-wide event and part of the NowWeMOVE campaign. Several sports and physical activity promoters (the so-called MOVE Agent) are the coordinators of local events, new or existing, open to the community during the week. And as a result, the UoP has become a Movement Agent since 2014, the year of the submition of the application to the European program as Agent Movement.

Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica Margherita Sport E Vita – Italy

ASD Margherita Sports e Vita (MSV) has been appointed to carry out one of the most important missions of any modern city; to create conditions for the development of the sports activity of the inhabitants of Margherita di Savoia and its surrounding territory. It is located in Southern Italy at 75 km from Bari, the capital of Apulia region. Margherita di Savoia it’s inhabited by 12.500 inhabitants. Every year, they implement various sport projects with hundreds of young athletes from 5 to 18 years. They organize events that bring many fans of physical activity, especially in the growth of the cultures of youth basketball and Sport outdoor in general. They organize thousands free recreational activities, all of which can benefit everyone, regardless of age or ability. They are equipped with urban infrastructure outdoor/ indoor, thus creating aesthetic and functional space for sports.