Inspirational Wednesday: Good Practice TG4A

Associação Recreativa, Cultural e Social de Silveirinhos: TG4A

Adapted Portuguese Traditional Games is a project that aims to bring equal opportunities to people with disabilities and / or mental illness to participate and compete in traditional games. The purpose of traditional game is to maintain the traditions, history and to create opportunities for people of different generations to interact and pass these on. With the adapted traditional games, the purpose is the same, and by doing this, we open these possibilities to everyone.

The project takes place mainly in the North of Portugal, mostly in Gondomar. Although with the help of Portuguese Traditional Games Federation this project happens everywhere in the country.

The feedback they received is very positive, not only from people with disabilities and / or mental illness, but also from the general public, who also want to participate in the activity. The fact that people can “experience” the struggles of a certain disability or mental illness helps to sensitize them to be concerned and helpful in the inclusion.

Collection of good practices: TG4A

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