Inspirational Wednesday: Tim Marovt – A story of a true hero

Tim is a person who takes the word perseverance to the highest level possible. At the age of 12, his life changed completely on vacation when he ended up in a wheelchair due to the so-called surfer’s myelopathy, which is a very rare disease. Today, he runs marathons and is proof that with set goals and focus on them and hard work, they can be achieved. Twenty-year-old Tim also took part in the Ljubljana Marathon on October 23, where he ran 10 kilometres.

As a child, Tim Marovt dreamed of being a successful alpine skier, but an incident while surfing in Hawaii at the age of 12 completely changed his life and his plans. Because of the so-called surfer’s myelopathy, which happens very rarely (Tim is only the 20th case in the last 15 years), landed in a wheelchair and had to set new life goals. Today he is a student at the Faculty of Economics and Business in Maribor, he helps in the family business, he patented a device for rehabilitation and he runs. Last year he ran five kilometres at the Konjeniški Marathon, and this year he managed ten kilometres at the Istrian Marathon.

“I never asked myself why this happened to me, it would certainly make me feel worse,” he concludes his story. “It had to be like this. At the age of twelve I just had to grow up, an injury like that shapes you, suddenly you are a different person. I do not know if I would have accomplished as many things as I have if that had not happened. I did not think it would take so long to walk again. That is why I do not plan that much. I have more short-term plans and challenges. However, I always try to move forward, I never feel sorry for myself. You have to accept the situation as it is and move on. When you have a goal, you somehow find a way!” concludes Tim. A true Inspirational Wednesday story!

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