Inspirational Wednesday: Personal trainer opened first gym dedicated to disabled people in Scotland

Dale Robertson opened a gym dedicated to people living with disabilities or long-term health conditions. It aims to provide personal and close support to those who are not able to access a regular gym. 

Dale worked with disabled people for 15 years. During this time he realized that gyms and sports clubs lack specialist equipment. Just one in four sports clubs in Scotland feel they have the suitable staff training, equipment and facilities for disabled people to participate.  Rehabilitation, personal training, and peer support for people with long-term health conditions are also provided at the gym. 

Dale’s inspiration came when he met a little girl in a wheelchair. He said ” I was coaching tennis at a mainstream school and there was a little girl in a wheelchair, she never took part for the first couple of sessions so we started to get her involved and we found that she could hit a ball as well as the rest of her classmates.  I think that’s when I realised that it wasn’t her disability that prevented her from taking part; it was a lack of knowledge and support.”


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