Today’s inspiration comes from the MATP program, which is the youngest sports program of the Special Olympics. It is intended for those persons who, due to severe disabilities, cannot participate in sports that require understanding of instructions, independence in performing activities and knowledge of the rules.

The objectives of the MATP program are to enable competitors to develop skills leading to participation in official Special Olympics competitions, to give competitors the opportunity to demonstrate their best results in skills at Special Olympics competitions, or to provide individualized activities within the MATP program.

MATP enables increased physical activity, which leads to improved motor skills, physical fitness and functional abilities, greater opportunities for sports activity, development of positive self-image through knowledge acquisition, closer family connection with sports, more opportunities to develop friendships with other competitors, their families and the wider community.

After a two-year hiatus, the 17th MATP games of the Gorenjska region were held in April in Kamnik, Slovenia. The organizers were VDC Sožitje Kamnik and CIRIUS Kamnik. 

21 competitors with 13 companions overcame the tasks at 5 competition stations. They showed their skills with basketball and soccer ball, tested their skills between pegs, consolidated colors and used different rackets. It was a super fun and inspirational day.

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