Inspirational Wednesday: ifs SPAGAT

Institut für Sozialdienste is a large multi-disciplinary, politically independent, non-denominational organisation supporting people with or questions in the Austrian province of Vorarlberg or social problems. One department of the Organization is “ifs Assistenz”. It’s based on the strengths and abilities of our clients. The goal is to strengthen people with disabilities in their personal responsibility and autonomy, as well as to allow and promote self-determination and independent living (work, housing, leisure time, further education …).

The main purpose is to bring people with high support needs into meaningful, freely chosen and paid employment in the open labour market. We promote participation and exchange between all stakeholders involved in the integration process: employers, mentors, clients, family, friends, teachers etc.

SPAGAT connects and launches processes concerning integration into living and leisure-time in order for people with disabilities to be able to lead a life in their own communities as part of society. Thanks to the SPAGAT model of ‘integrated employment’, school-leavers and other persons with disabilities in Vorarlberg, Austria, who are considered unemployable according to current legislation, are now free to choose between employment in a sheltered workshop or supported employment in a company in the general labour market. The process of employmentintegration centers around: person-centred planning, support groups, the ‘creation’ of customised jobs, and the use of mentors in every company.


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