INSPIRATIONAL WEDNESDAY: Exhibition – 60 years of parasport in Slovenia

This year, the Slovenian Association for Disabled Sports – Slovenian Paralympic Committee (ŠIS – SPK Association) is celebrating 60 years of successful operation.

The association prepared an exhibition for its 60th anniversary in cooperation with Tourism Ljubljana, which made the exhibition possible. On the Krakovski nasip by the Ljubljanica River, 11 double-sided billboards show an overview of the history of disabled sports in Slovenia, the greatest successes, as well as some other milestones.

“A lot has changed in the last 60 years. It all started with disabled soldiers. In those early years, disabled people gathered in ghettos. Today, disabled athletes are integrated, they participate at all levels, and sports facilities are also more accessible,” said Damijan Lazar, president of the Association for Sports of the Disabled in Slovenia-Slovenian Paralympic Committee.

The president of the ŠIS-SPK Association recalled the beginning of parasport in Slovenia. “Every person, including a disabled person, wants to prove himself, to compete, to prove himself. Sport is a bridge for the socialization of disabled people into society. Everyone proves with their results that they can do it, that they are accepted. That the obstacles are actually only in the head. In fact, disabled athletes just want to have suitable conditions so that they can realize their dreams,” added Damijan Lazar.

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