EWoS 2021: “BeActive @ PalaCarrassi”

As part of the European Week of Sport which is happening from 23. – 30. September 2021 we have many events happening within the Adaptive Sport Programs project to address the promotion of social inclusion and equal opportunities in sport.

LOCAL EVENT IN BARI “BeActive @ PalaCarrassi”

The event will take place in the afternoon and will include the following activities:
·       dance (6 years old)
·       Multisport (5/6/7 years old)
·       Pilates (adults)
·       Minibasket (8-10 years old)
·       Taekwondo (6/7 years old)

WHEN? on 27.09.2021

WHERE? @ PalaCarrassi sports facility

It will be an open day in which people will be able to try these activities for free. The focus for this event will be inclusion and healthy active lifestyle.

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