As part of the Adaptative Sport Programs, during the European Week of Sport, in order to promote good practices of adapted sports and to promote inclusion, the Union of Parishes of Gondomar, Valbom and Jovim collaborated with APPC Villa Urbana in the realization of an initiative carried out in “public square” and in which we invited all the population that passed by us to join our activity.

The event took place on September 22, in the morning, in the amphitheater of Gondomar, and it included an internationally recognized sport and considered a federated sport – Boccia. It was attended by Paralympic athletes from Boccia and their coaches and assistants.

Boccia can be played by people without limitations as well as people with different neurological/neuromuscular dysfunctions.

We were surprised by the high number of people who wanted to join us and these athletes in the game. And there were many who did not join in practice but watched the whole activity with curiosity and interest.

Most of the comments that reached us revealed the admiration of the general population for the expertise of players with disabilities and even more for their communicative ability.

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