The second activity that our partners from Portugal carried out with Silveirinhos, an organization for rehabilitation and socio-professional integration of people with disabilities and/or mental illness, was on “adapted gymnastics”. It took place in the auditorium of the Senior University of the Union of parishes of Gondomar, Valbom and Jovim, on September 29, 2022.

Supporting “sport for all” on an overview of intergenerational, sustainable and ethically responsible inclusive sports practice in the adoption of healthier lifestyles with an impact on the well-being and quality of life of disabled citizens, this initiative was attended by two physical education teachers.

They performed a set of diversified exercises using various materials (ropes, weights, small tubes, etc.) adapted to the limitations of each student. The teachers pointed out that physical exercise, in addition to having an impact on peoples’ mood and motivation, also helps in their mobility by trying to make some of their limitations more easily reduced.

Adaptive gymnastics was attended by the users of Silveirinhos and some of the seniors who attended the Senior University of Gondomar. The result of this activity proved to be extremely gratifying in the sense that all the participants established a very effective and interested communication, ending the activity with the unanimous request that we repeat it again.

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